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About InRoad Publishing

A little background information.

InRoad Publishing is a 'sister company' of Beaten Track Publishing (BTP). In the past, BTP offered both publishing contracts and publishing services. The two companies are a means of formally separating the publisher (BTP) from publishing services (InRoad).

We have extensive experience of working with academic, business and professional documents. However, most of our commissions come from authors of fiction/non-fiction books. Hence, the information on this site is geared more towards these kinds of publications. Should you require further information, please get in touch with us (see footer for contact information).

InRoad charges authors up front, and all net profits from sales go to the author. We are happy to manage distribution on authors' behalf, but we also return the final product to the author in all its formats (including the editable documents) as a matter of course.

Business Ethos

The ethos of InRoad remains the same as for Beaten Track: we care about authors and their stories. We want to present them in their very best light. We also understand how important it is for businesses to produce excellent documents. InRoad is a socialist company, which means we're not in it to reap profit. We're in it to make a living by providing our services for a fair price.