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We can provide you with submission guidelines to make the process smoother, but we can work with whatever you've got.

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Editing, proofreading, formatting, styling - your manuscript is in safe hands.

Published Work

eBook and/or print-on-demand paperback/hardcover with/without distribution - the choice is yours.

We offer a full publishing package

No hidden charges, no ripping off authors - that's a promise

You Keep Your Rights

This is a publishing service, not a publishing contract. You're paying for our services, which means that the end product is yours to keep and do with as you wish.

Full Package or Selected Services?

If you only want an editor, no problem! Want to publish your paperback through your own Amazon/LuLu account? That's fine by us. We discuss and agree everything in advance - no hard sell, no hidden costs.

Global Distribution

We distribute printed works via LSI/Ingram print-on-demand and Amazon services.
We usually distribute ebooks via Smashwords / KDP / Google Play Books.

ISBN Numbers

We (optionally) allocate ISBN numbers to your work. Note: these associate the book to the publisher and can't be transferred.

How much does it cost?